I’m sure that each one of you has, like me, a few go-to pieces of music which bring comfort when times are tough. I’d like to share a few pieces which bring me great comfort, in different ways.

Firstly, a beautiful song which a friend introduced me to a few years ago when I was in the depth of my grief. It never fails to make the tears flow, because it speaks so perfectly of the loss of dreams and the possibility of finding new dreams. And the singing is so pure and beautiful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Another Train, by the Poozies. Written by Pete Morton.

The second piece is one I was lucky enough to learn in a choir I joined during the depths of my grief. The practice of learning, internalising, and then performing a piece of music really takes it to a much deeper level within you, until it becomes part of you. The sheer beauty of this music moves me every time I hear it. It brings great comfort.

Os Justi – Bruckner, Sacred Motets

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