Alison is an editor, fundraiser, and project manager, as well as an aspiring artist. Alison has been grieving the loss of her own unborn children and the loss of her chance to be a parent for over 10 years now. Initially, she grieved alone and felt very isolated, but things improved once she discovered the power and benefits of grieving with a community who share the same grief. She is a keen member of the online Gateway Women community for childless women, and is a member of many other childless groups online. 

Alison has several years’ experience with grief tending in community, and has experimented with many different ways of tending to this grief. Having experienced the power and beauty of one of Sophy and Jeremy’s grief tending in community workshops several years ago, she is now hooked, and is keen to do this kind of work at every opportunity. She is passionate about the potential of grief tending in community to heal and to bring people together. Her wish is to provide grief tending opportunities specifically for people who are grieving their childlessness; who so often find themselves grieving alone and unsupported.